Food cravings are one way our bodies uses to communicate with us.⁣

We tend to associate cravings with foods packed with fat, salt or sugar and think it is our bodies working against us. ⁣

But that is not always the case. When we start getting in tune with our bodies and learn to listen to its subtle whispers, we find out that most of the time the body is trying to tell us, it might need some specific nutrient. ⁣

For instance, if we don’t eat enough fibre or protein, it can leave us feeling hungry even after finishing our meals. ⁣

A craving for chocolate could be the body asking for magnesium. So, instead of reaching for a Mars bar try to eat some raw nuts, seeds or increase your portions of greens. ⁣

That uncontrolled desire to eat sugar could be bacteria dysbiosis, but it could also be a deficiency in chromium, carbon, tryptophan or phosphorus. ⁣

Eating foods rich on those nutrients like broccoli, cheese, beans, poultry, fish, kale and spinach would give the body what it is asking for and a little extra. ⁣

Bread is another common craving, one that I personal endure regularly. It could be your brain hooked on gliadorphins from gluten or could be the body asking for more nitrogen. ⁣

I know it sounds a bit crazy but let’s not forget we are basically made of four elements -carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.⁣

It might sound anti-intuitive, but next time you feel the urge to grab that piece of sourdoughs bread have a go and reach for some fish, nuts, beans or a portion of quality meat. ⁣

The journey back to the body is a daily exercise which requires dedication and awareness. It might sound a giant job at the beginning, but like everything in life, practice brings excellence and easiness. ⁣

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