Christmas is approaching fast, and for most of us, that is that time of the year when we can easily overindulge. Did you know that as a nation, we consume over 780 million mince pies every Christmas? I don’t have the numbers for all the alcohol and chocolate bonanza, but I am sure it is high. Our social life suddenly becomes more erratic than the life of an Instagram influencer. In a few weeks, we need to deal with Christmas drinks, office parties, family gatherings, Secret Santas, awkward reunions, you name it. I understand that it can create a bit of anxiety for some people. But fear not my dear friend. I have a suggestion to help you. 

I am sure you have heard about Detox. But have you heard about Pretox? Let me explain. The idea is very simples, and I use this strategy all year round. Every time I know I have a social event in which I will probably eat and drink a bit more than I usually do, I Pretox and Detox. 

What is Pretox?

It is a routine I follow to prepare my body before attending a social gathering. That how it goes. Between twenty-four hours to two hours before the event, I eat the most nutritious food I can find. 

At the morning before the event I start my day with a big glass of green juice or smoothie, lunch would be loads of vegetables or a hearty salad. If I don’t want to eat much at the party and when possible, I would eat something healthy before leaving the house. I drink plenty of water throughout the day and before leaving my house, I make sure I have some coconut water on my fridge, some B vitamins and the Detox Better Liver and Gall support capsules in place for the next day. On my purse, I will carry some Digestive Enzymes to be taken just before dinner. 

Late in the night when I finally, return home, just before bed, I take a capsule of Detox Better to support my liver detoxification, then I drink a glass of coconut water. 

Alcohol makes us lose water and can be dehydrating. Coconut water contains plenty of electrolytes to help rebalance our bodies. That will help to avoid a hangover. 

Next morning, it is time to start the Detox. Instead of reaching for a fry up, I start my day with another capsule of Detox Better, a fresh-made green juice and some protein. A spinach omelette is a right call for the occasion. After breakfast, I take one capsule of B vitamin, keep drinking plenty of water throughout the day and keep eating as clean as possible until the next event. 

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