From 4th January, I am offering a five-days DIY Fast Mimicking (DFM)-Reset. And I am here to invite you to join me. Fast Mimicking is a perfect way to reset our body after all the indulgence through the holidays season. During the five-days DFM -Reset, we will eat a low caloric diet composed of soups, smoothies and low cal snacks. Although we call it fasting, we will still be eating three meals and one snack. So, no need to panic. FM is the creation of Professor Valter Longo, a biogerontologist known for his studies on the role of fasting and nutrient response on genes. 

The DIY version has been devised by Christine Bailey, a fantastic British nutritionist who created an easy to follow daily menu. 

 I’ve already tried the DFM- Reset in November, it was easy to follow and made me feel great. The DFM- Reset, supports the body reduce inflammation, lose a few pounds, improve microbiome, rejuvenate our cells, and balance our hormones. 

I have a long experience assisting people fasting at the retreat where I’ve worked for over four years. I’ve witnessed the transformation it can have on people’s health and life. I’ve felt the changes in my own body and mind when I did it myself. So, now, I want to share the experience with you and invite you to join me. I will send to you the daily meal plan created by Christine Bailey, and I will create a What’s App group for accountability and support. The challenge is free. The only cost will the food you need to buy in the supermarket and a few supplements if you decide to take them. Let’s start 2021 refreshed and with a sharp mind to make the best of this new year can offer.

Send me DM to join the Reset

I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

DFM-Reset- 4th to 8th January 2021. 

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