Autumn has arrived in full bloom. Temperatures have dropped, the lush green of nature is now, day by day metamorphosing into bright yellows, different tones of reds and browns. The clock went back, and from now on, the days will get shorter and colder. This changes in our external environment can affect our internal environment. It is that time of the year when our immune system can get a bit challenged, and we become more susceptive to colds and cases of flu. The best away to avoid a crisis is to prevent it. Now is the time to review your diet, supplementation plan and start supporting your body for the approaching winter. When we think about immune support, we rarely relate it to our digestive system. Still, more and more scientific research has proved that the state of our digestion system and especially our gut bacteria composition dictates the overall state of our bodies’ health. How our body digest, absorb and utilise our food are the step stones to build a robust immune system. It is essential to verify if you have enough digestive enzymes to break down the food you are consuming. It is crucial to take proper care for our friendly bacteria. We need to understand how efficient is our liver detoxifying unwanted waste. How efficiently our large intestine is working. Keeping all these functions working optimum all the times can be quite challenging. A proper diet with plenty of good quality vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds and proteins is a good start, but sometimes we need a bit extra help, and that is when taking quality food-based supplements come handy.

I am halfway into my fourth decade on this planet. As everyone around this age, my capacity to digest some food has diminished. And the use of digestive enzymes becomes an important aiding. I use the – Digestive Effect capsules. It is something I regularly take, especially after consuming animal protein.

I also support the health of my liver eating more bitter foods, drinking dandelion tea or taking the Detox Better- Liver and Gall Support capsules. It is a liver support capsule made with a mix of liver support herbals. Probiotics are also part of my diet in food form or capsules. And at times when my large intestine for a reason or another, decide to go on a strike, I use the Body Control – Clean and Lean fibre supplement.

Taking care of our body is something we need to do every day for as long as we are on this planet. It is an act of self-love and self-respect to be practised throughout all the seasons of the year.

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