Been a nutritionist doesn’t make me immune to the extravaganzas of life. I was in Paris with friends, for the first eight days of this year and I lost the count of baguettes, cheeses and wines we consumed. By the end of my trip, I was feeling bloated and sluggish. My clothes were tight, and I felt really uncomfortable. On my return home, I immediately stepped into detox mode. There is when my nutrition knowledge comes handy. I knew I needed to give my gut a rest and control the damage caused by all the gluten, sugar, dairy and alcohol consumed.

The strategy was simple, for the first two days, I only had vegetable juices through the day and a small bowl of soup for dinner. From day three, I introduced a few cups of chicken bone broth I made using organic chicken carcasses and add one cooked meal in the evening.

Once I added the cooked meal, I started exercising again. I’ve been following this new routine for a week, and I already can feel the difference in the fit of my clothes and energy levels.

To improve my detoxification profile, I use two of The Healthy Tree supplements, the Detox Better Liver and Gall to support my liver and to keep the toxins moving fast through the lymphatic system, I use the Colon Cleanse Detox.

As a naturopath, I know that this acts of food and drink extravaganza can disrupt our gut lining and microbiome. The solution here was, after the detox,  to establish a gut healing protocol, I usually suggest my clients do.  So, for the next month or so, I will avoid gluten, dairy, alcohol and sugar as much as I can. At the same time, I will be taking a daily dose of the amino acid L-glutamine to restore my gut lining. To clean the gut from any undesirable pathogen, I use the supplement Gut Balance Spore Control.  And to repopulate it nothing better than the Gut Balance Biomax probiotic which has twenty billion bacterias per capsule.

I personally think everyone should engage in a protocol like this few times through the year and especially after the Christmas Holidays. If you want to know more about how to improve your detoxification profile and to heal your gut, please, contact me. There is nothing wrong in a bit of celebration from time to time, it is just the case to take care of your body before and after those moments.

Ps. If you haven’t seen the post on Pretox and Detox, click here.

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