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My name is Vivienne Constad and I have been in complimentary practice since 1994 when I joined the professional register working with Cosmodic technology in recovery and rehabilitation.

I met Dani Benjamin, a naturopathic nutritionist three years ago whilst having a meeting regarding an upcoming course I was running at our local hospital. We connected immediately and since that day we have been working together and developing new protocols that are giving us ground breaking results. Although we both maintain our own practices we also work closely together with many patients and a large percentage of them come to us having suffered far longer than necessary with inflammatory disorders through which medical model is unable to help.

One of the great and most effective things that Dani had introduced me to is your recipe and product of Turmeric capsules. Since the time that we met I have been using them not only for my own family but also prescribing them to all those who, in my opinion have needed them. To date I have not had a single individual find them ineffective. It is the recipe and mix that make them special as many others have been tried and simply don’t cut the mustard.

I just felt it was time to say thank you and to let you know how much your work has been appreciated. Not to mention the maintaining of my reputation!
So thank you Rose, keep up the good work!

Vivienne Constad


When I met Rose I asked her if she would treat Julia’s eczema. She replied me : “Only if Julia agrees do to it”.

So 4 months later my girl has a healthier skin, no more itching or red skin. Not only her skin changed but eating habits too. A 14 years old happy teenager, thanks to a brilliant work done by Rose. Júlia Valle

I have suffered from eczema since I was 7 years old. My skin has dry white patches and is sometimes red and itchy. Before I started the programme I had trouble falling asleep, I was constantly itching my skin and I wasn’t very happy.

So in January 2018, I started the treatment with a new diet and natural food supplements. After a few weeks of the treatment I noticed the change in my skin it was no longer red and irritable, I could go to sleep properly and I lost weight and I felt so much happier than before as i had stopped consuming the amount of sugar I had before. After 3 months of the treatment, my skin is better thanks to Rose. Júlia Valle

I found the way Rose delivered the information understandable and realistic for me to work into my day to day lifestyle.

Rose put together a plan to help me through IVF and pregnancy. After following the personalised plan, I was left with a much healthier digestive system not only throughout pregnancy but always. Dani Rivers

“Having first met Rose during a juice-fasting programme, I was immediately drawn to her honest but refreshing approach. Rose makes things very logical and takes things at the right pace, for you. I was interested in understanding more about the relationship between nutrition, stress, blood sugar levels and energy states. Rose quickly established a ‘repair and recuperation’ diet followed by food awareness sessions and an ongoing testing procedure”. There was plenty of room built in for ‘real life’ situations and the all-too common human element, with a regime that wasn’t too strict as to be ‘unachievable’. Rose is a real leader in her field and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Edward P

Operations Director and Small Business Owner

“Five years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer with several metastases on my liver. As soon as we contacted Rose, she arrived at our house with a juicer, a coffee grinder and a whole new regime for me to incorporate immediately into my life. We worked together for two years throughout my cancer treatment – three different surgeries and nine chemotherapy sessions. Rose would read all my exams, research about the medication prescribed, then adapt my diet and provide lifestyle advice for all the different phases of my treatment. Rose was with me every step of the way. So many times, I would call or text her from the supermarket or a restaurant asking for support and she always had an honest and practical advice. I really don’t know how I would had survived my treatment without Rose’s support. She is not just an excellent professional, but also a compassionate human being. “ Sonia Rinaldi

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