Ten years ago, when I decided to put behind my career in the film industry to study Naturopathy Nutritional Therapy, I could never imagine the impact this new path would have on my life.
I’ve been working as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist for the past six years. I’ve seen and supported hundreds of people. Still, most of the time, when I meet someone new, and I mention my profession, I got asked what Naturopathy is and what a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist does.

Naturopathy is a line of complementary medicine which promotes the body own self- healing. In naturopathy and naturopathic nutrition, we follow Hypocrites principles to use nature’s healing powers. We approach each individual not only in the relation of what they eat and drink but also regarding their habits and the effect of their relationship with the planet and its inhabitants.
We understand how the different body systems work together, and how the disruption of one body system can affect the whole body equilibrium and create diseases.
Long before microbiome became a frenzied field of studies, for thousands of years, naturopaths around the world, was already treating the gut as one of the central pillars of our health. In naturopathy, we see the gut as the terrain, the base, the garden of our wellbeing. Nine of ten times, when I start working with a new client, I suggest a gut-healing protocol to begin their health programme. I particularly love my friendly bacteria, and I try to do everything in my power to honour our symbiotic relationship.

The most famous quote attributed to Hippocrates and naturopathy is “Let food be my medicine and my medicine be my food.” As a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, I use food and supplementation as the first line of intervention when I first encounter a new client. However, the interventions don’t stop there.
I was trained to support the body battling chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes type II, hormone imbalances as in pre, peri, menopause and post-menopause, chronic pain, eczema, chronic fatigue, etc.
To achieve the best results when dealing with such complex conditions, just changing the clients’ diet is not enough. Here is where the holistic approach kicks in. Our diet is just one portion of the three main elements which compose our health. I believe health can only happen when we balance diet, movement and rest. If we micromanage our food but neglect movement and rest, we will have a third of the results. If we look after our diet and movement but neglect rest and stress management, we will not achieve the results we expect. Although the food we eat has a significant impact on our health states, it alone doesn’t do the trick.
The majority of my clients are professionals suffering from conditions related to stress, lack of movement, bad eating and drinking habits. In my practice, I work together with the client to find the best solutions to improve those areas taking into consideration their lifestyle and limitations.

Naturopathy has changed my life completely. When I started my training, I use to suffer from IBS, anxiety and insomnia. It wasn’t immediately, but through the years I’ve applied my knowledge to my life, and I am happy to say I haven’t had one epode of IBS in years. Nowadays, I am much more resilient, and my sleep has improved ten folds. I eat well most of the time, try to move my body all day long when I am not on the consultation room and made rest a priority. How I do that? I embodied the principles of naturopathy into my life. I live and breathe what I preach. I became a teacher and an eternal student. The rest of my life follows suit because I believe we can only give what we have. If I want to give love, I need to love myself first; if I want to contribute to a healthy world, I need to embodied health. If you want to know more about how I support my clients, please be in touch.

Health and Peace,

Rose Chamberlain

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